Horseriding Trip in Kharkhiraa Mountain - 12 days

DAY 1: Flight to Ulaangom
DAY 2: Blue Lake
DAY 3-4: Kharhiraa River
DAY 5: Kharhiraa plateau
DAY 6: Turgen Mountain
DAY 7: Three Colours Lake
DAY 8: Yamaatiin valley
DAY 9: Three Colours Lake
DAY 10: Goojuur waterfall
DAY 11: Uureg Lake
DAY 12: Flight back to Ulaanbaatar
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Horses in Altai Mountains

Detailed description

Shaazgay Lake

Flight to Ulaangom

Uvs province in the far north west of Mongolia is a spectacular region of permanently snow-capped mountains, glaciers, torrential rivers, salt-water and freshwater lakes, sand dunes and a fantastic variety of animals and plants. The local people use camels as well as horses as working animals, and we will be accompanied by local guides on horseback with their camels which carry all the luggage and equipment. Our 8-day horse riding adventure to Mount Kharkhiraa and Mount Turgen covers a distance of approximately 120km and includes two high passes at altitudes of 2930 metres and 2944 metres. A moderate level of fitness is required, but the ride at certain point hike is not too strenuous even at the higher levels. The weather is unpredictable in the mountains and we have to be prepared for everything, including snow, even though it is summer.

Today we will take the plane for Ulaangom, capital city of Uvs province. After 3 hours of flying we will reach the airport of Ulaangom where our guides and vehicles will be waiting for us. The foundation of the Ulaangom Monastery was erected in 1871 as Dechinravjaa Monastery. Historical evidence indicates that there were grain plantations in operation in late 17th century in the area of Ulaangom. After our short visit of the Aimag capital city we will head for starting point, the Blue Lake.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Blue Lake

After a good breakfast at our host family we will load our packs on the horses. We will start riding along the shores of the Blue Lake and cross several small passes. The Blue Lake is a beautiful small alpine lake with crystal clean water. The area offers amazing views.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Horse Riding under Snow
Camels at Kharkhiraa Valley

Kharhiraa River

We will leave the Blue Lake behind us and ride along the Kharhiraa River, upstream into the direction of Kharhiraa Mountain. For the next 2 days we will ride through a rocky mountain valley, leaving the fertile open pastures behind us. On the way we will pass ancient burial mounds.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Kharhiraa plateau

Today we will cross a pass to reach the open Kharhiraa plateau, a plateau surrounded by glaciers. We will see several smaller lakes in that area. Those glaciers are the sources of the Kharhiraa River.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Turgen Uul

Turgen Mountain

We will pass the glaciers and ride to the Turgen Mountain. We will cross the Kharhiraa Mountain Pass, lying at 3000m above sea level to reach the Yamaatiin valley. The pass is located between the Kharhiraa and Turgen glaciers, both over 4000m high. As we pass between the glaciers we will have spectacular views of both valleys on either side of the pass, and of the stunning white glaciers.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Horseriding Adventure Trip in Otgontenger Mountain

Three Colours Lake

After more riding we will reach the 110 lake area. One of those lake is named the Three Colours Lake. This wonderful valley has a flora and remarkable geological formations in complete contrast to earlier landscapes.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Horses at Cloud

Yamaatiin valley

We will continue riding down Yamaatiin Valley. We will reach the Damjig canyon where we will trek for some time in the canyon.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Horse Expedition Trip

Goojuur waterfall

Today we will ride more to reach Goojuur Waterfall.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Uvs Province

Shaazgay Lake

Our last riding day will bring us to Shaagay Lake were we will meet our vehicles.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Uvs Province

Uureg Lake

Today we will head for Uureg Lake, which lies close to the Russian border and Siberia. It is a large, beautiful slightly salt-water lake surrounded by glorious mountains and some snow-capped 3000 meters plus peaks. The mouth of the valley leading into the lake is lined with nomad’s summer gers. The scenery is breath taking and so are the people. We will have the opportunity to visit some families.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D).

Uureg Nuur

Flight back to Ulaanbaatar

Today we will reach Ulaangom and fly back to Ulaanbaatar. You may enjoy the free afternoon to catch up all the places you haven’t visited yet. You might as well check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colourful and rhythmic Mongolian dance, throat singing & admire the contortionists.

(B, L)