Horsebackriding Expedition to Northern Mongolia
(9 days)

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Yurt Mongolia
day 1
Mongolian Horses
day 2
Horse Trek
day 3
Horse Trek
day 4
mongolia lakes 193
day 5
mongolia lakes 193
day 6
mongolia lakes 193
day 7
mongolia horses 069
day 8
day 9

Detailed description


Flight to Moron & drive to starting point

By plane from Ulaanbaatar we will reach Moron, capital city of Khovsgol province. We will go on driving eastwards to our host family. Immerse yourself within locals. Discover in depth their way of life get involved in their daily activities such as milking, process milk into butter, cream, cheese etc… Bring animals to the family camp for evening. Goats and sheep must be brought next to the Ger every night to be in protection from wolves. Evening, barbeque cooked over hot stones is on the menu. Engage a friendly chat and listen to their incredible life stories over one or two shots of vodka. Herders make local vodka from fermented milk. Tastes little bit similar to rice vodka.

(Family Stay L, D)

Yurt Mongolia

Horseback Riding Trip

After breakfast we will start out horse riding. We will load all our equipment, food and luggage on horses. Our trip will be supported by horsemen and pack horses. The horsemen will be responsible for the horses and, being from the region, they will be our guides. We’ll start riding along the Egiin River. As our trek follows river, we will have time and chance for fishing and swimming. Please bring you fishing equipment.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Mongolian Horses

Horseback Riding along Egiin River

For four more days we will ride along the Egiin River. Our journey will take us through lush, green abundant region with wild flowers and plants. We will follow flowing river and undulating hills. To complete the perfection of nature many Gers of nomads peacefully minding their business, taking care of their livestock. The area is the home to a quite number of yaks of Mongolia. We will visit many Gers and experience the nomadic life of Central Asia. Our translator will help us to forge contact with the local population.

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

Horse Trek

Horseback Riding Trip along Khovsgol Lake

For four more days, we will ride along the western shore of the Khovsgol Lake enjoying the view over the Mongolian blue pearl and explore lake shore and surrounding mountains. Khovsgol Lake is a huge 2.760 square km alpine lake (130 km in length and 40 km in width), surrounded by mountain chains of more than 2.000 meters high, thick pine forests and lush meadow with grazing yaks and horses. More than 100 small rivers and streams feed the lake with crystal clear water. Water exits the lake through only one river, the Egiin, whose waters eventually reach the Baikal Lake. The lake contains about 1.5% of the world’s fresh water (excluding water contained in the icecaps). The lake and rivers are full of fish. Around a dozen species of fish inhabit the lake and rivers. The most well-known are the sturgeon, grayling, lennok, salmon, taimon, etc. There is a big chance that we will come cross some Tsaatan families settled along the shores of the Khovsgol Lake. Their unique way of life is centred and structured around reindeer and guided by Shamanism, ancestral spiritual practice based on nature worship. For those interested they will have plenty of opportunity to go hiking and canoeing (if weather permits).

(Tented Camp, B, L, D)

mongolia lakes 193

Drive back to Moron

Today we will drive back to reach Moron. On the way we will visit the Uushig Deer Stone complex. Evidence of Prehistoric people’s art work known as deer stones and burial mounds.

(Hotel, B, L, D)

mongolia horses 069

Flight back to Ulaanbaatar

Flight back to Ulaanbaatar. You may enjoy the free afternoon to catch up all the places you haven’t visited yet. You might as well check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colourful and rhythmic Mongolian dance, throat singing & admire the contortionists.

(B, L)