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Live Mongolia the way the locals do!  By exploring Mongolia on horseback, enjoy not only the sport of trekking on Mongolian horses, but experience a unique sense of unity with local herders and the surrounding nature. On horseback discover unexplored paths, follow rivers, cross forests and mountain passes and live nature’s greatness. Visit the many herders' families on the way and experience their hospitality. Drink a milk tea with them, try the local barbecue and get a glimpse of the traditional way of living of remote families.

Those unbelievable journeys on Mongolian horses offer the riders unique contacts with the local people who will honour foreigners exploring their country the way they live it.

Well-organised logistical supports make our horseback expeditions accessible to most but a basic knowledge of horseback riding is preferable.

Travel & Trips to Mongolia - horse riding - horseback riding

We offer following horse riding expeditions:

Travel & Trips to Mongolia - horse riding - horseback riding




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